Oct 10, 2011

TRUE CRIME WRITER: Modern day serial killers and JACK THE RIPPER - October 2011 by Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

MODERN DAY SERIAL KILLERS Peter Sutcliffe, Robert Hansen, Gary Ridgway, Robert Pickton and Steven Wright are known to be responsible for the murders of more than 100 women – mainly prostitutes. Between them, they claim to have killed more than 150 women, though even this figure may be higher.
When each serial killer's profile is examined, there are many similarities across their lives, including: family background, academic ability, employment record, criminal record (prior to murder), motive and character traits. I've used these similarities to create a retrospective profile of the most infamous prostitute killer of them all – JACK THE RIPPER. You can read my new profile of Jack the Ripper published as an 8-page pull-out in TRUE CRIME magazine (Issue: October 2011)
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Jan 25, 2011

COMEDY SKETCH WRITER - 2010 by Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

For the BBC. Sketches include: CSI Scunthorpe, Blind Internet Dates, In the Bedroom, A Fool in the Army and even one scene for Ronnie Corbett. To view the sketches, click here. Animated images supplied by sevenoaksart.co.uk

My play, "Back from the Dead...an Audience with George Bernard Shaw" brings the author, playwright, satirist
and reviewer back from the deep to talk about life, love, his political views and his work. It also gives him the opportunity to sing some of his favourite songs. I hope to have this produced next year. Read the first 10 pages
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He also has an excellent site for general Writing Competitions in Ireland & Britain, including: poetry, short story and novella writing. His site is updated regularly. To view, click here. My slogans include: "You can TRUST an Post" (for Ireland's post office) and "Nicorette Ice: the coolest way to Stop Smoking". My Jacob's fig roll recipes and new marketing strategy - to invite customers to send in recipes made from Jacob's fig rolls can be viewed here Twitter: @siobhanpatmul