Nov 1, 2013

Jack the Ripper: Francis Tumblety's Irish Origins - Anglo-Celt Newspaper October 2013 by Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

It has been a mystery for decades.

Tumblety posing as a Union soldier in the 1860s
Where was prime Jack the Ripper suspect, Francis Tumblety born? The quack doctor, charlatan and liar claimed he was born "near Dublin" but he was always vague about his connection with Ireland. Over time, as other researchers tried and failed to find any evidence of him or his life in the old sod, I guessed they might be searching in the wrong place or at least the wrong city. The Irish name "Tumblety" with its many spellings originated in Ireland's border counties: Cavan, Fermanagh and Down so I began my search in that region. A letter to the Anglo-Celt newspaper asking for help solved the puzzle. More specifially, a midnight phonecall from a Cavan woman led me to write the story "Jack the Ripper - Francis Tumblety's Cavan Origins". You can read this story published in the Anglo-Celt newspaper here.

Aug 24, 2013

Yahoo! Contributor - USEFUL TIPS FOR NEW COLLEGE TEACHERS - August 2013

Are you starting life as a College Teacher? Are you quaking in your boots?
If you want to get off to the best possible start, avoid burnout or even something as simple (and embarrassing) as getting into a tangle with plugs, wires and sockets on your very first day...
Or if you just want to get the best out of yourself and your students, then read my feature story "Tips for New College Teachers" published on Yahoo! Contributor Network here

Jul 11, 2013

True Crime Writer - WAS ADOLF HITLER A PAEDOPHILE? - published on Yahoo! Voices, July 2013 by Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

In research following Hitler's death, a variety of claims have been made about his sexuality: that he was gay
or bisexual or even asexual - that he had only one testicle and that he was a coprohiliac. But what was the reality?
Hitler had "sexual contact" with only five women during his lifetime. All of them attempted suicide and four of them succeeded.
Also, four of the women were teenagers when they first attracted Hitler's attention.
WAS ADOLF HITLER A PAEDOPHILE?" Read my story about the Fuhrer's sexual proclivities published on Yahoo! Voices here .

Jun 4, 2013

True Crime Writer - ADOLF HITLER: 10 Things You Never Knew About Him - June 2013

During WW2, American psychiatrists labelled him a "schizophrenic" and "psychopath". Winston Churchill
wanted to borrow an electric chair from the USA so he could be executed like a "common criminal" in Britain. But what's the truth about the man behind the dictator's mask?
Adolf Hitler was one of life's pathetic losers - a school dunce, a failed artist, a sexual impotent, a sociopathic racist and a drug addict.  Read my feature story "Adolf Hitler - 10 Things You Never Knew About him" published in CRIMEMAGAZINE.COM here.

Mar 7, 2013


The murders of five prostitutes by the Suffolk Strangler in 2006 set off one of the largest manhunts in British history. DNA evidence led to the arrest and conviction of a man who admitted he had sex with four of the five dead women, but was he the actual serial killer? What about the driver of the blue BMW which was hardly mentioned in court? Is the real Suffolk Strangler still on the loose? Read my story "Did police get the Wright man?" published online as a feature in CRIMEMAGAZINE.COM in pdf format here. Twitter: @siobhanpatmul