Jan 23, 2012

TRUE CRIME WRITER: Profile of the LONG ISLAND SERIAL KILLER - January 2012 by Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

In the Long Island Serial Killer case, New York police have only identified 5 of the 10 victims. They believe all the women and the man dressed in women's clothing had worked as prostitutes and that the baby belonged to one of the women. Forensic testing of the victims' remains has revealed that some of the murders may have taken place as far back as 1996.
Using the results from the comparisons between 5 modern day serial killers (now in jail) and recent police and newspaper reports concerning the Long Island murders, it is possible to create a detailed profile of the killer who has yet to be caught. You can read my profile of the Long Island Serial Killer published on Yahoo! Voices here  Twitter: @siobhanpatmul