Oct 17, 2014

True Crime Writer - IRELAND'S DRIPPING KILLER, KATE WEBSTER - published in CrimeMagazine.com - October 2014 by Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

VICTORIAN Britain was horrified by a 30-year-old Irish woman who murdered her employer, dismembered the body, threw bits of it into the river Thames, boiled the head (and other body parts) and sold the fat as "dripping" in local pubs. She blamed two innocent men for the crime and when that didn't work, she pretended to be pregnant so that the judge wouldn't give her the death penalty.
 Such was her notoriety that Madame Tussaud's rushed to create a wax statue of her which remained on display in London for 80 years. Read the story of the DRIPPING KILLER on CRIMEMAGAZINE.COM  HERE