Jan 28, 2017

Newspaper Journalism for Dummies - Text Book for College Students (and their teachers) - Amazon eBook available now! by Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

Table of Contents
♦ News Values - What is News?
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♦ Code of Conduct for Journalists
♦ How to use Quotations
♦ A few tips on developing a good writing style
♦ The Pyramid Structure for News Stories
♦ Example of Pyramid structure
♦ Six rules for writing straight news leads
♦ Checklist for inverted pyramid news story
♦ Hourglass & Diamond structure for stories
♦ Writing feature stories
♦ How to write features - overview
♦ Interviewing tips
♦ A simple template for writing a feature
♦ Generating ideas for feature stories
♦ Where can I get ideas for stories?
♦ Different genres of feature stories
♦ Humour - adding it to your writing
♦ Tabloid versus Broadsheet writing
♦ Writing stories from opinion polls
♦ Using numbers in stories
♦ Reviewing
♦ Business Journalism
♦ Glossary of Business terms
♦ Sports reporting
♦ Crime reporting
♦ Court reporting
♦ Legal definitions for journalists
♦ Travel writing
♦ Styleguides
♦ Useful definitions for newspaper journalists
♦ Sources / Bibliography

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