Jun 24, 2014

True Crime Writer - SHOCKING DEATHBED MURDER CONFESSIONS - CrimeMagazine.com - JUNE 2014 by Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

Mark "Chopper" Read
When death stares them in the face, even cold-blooded murderers sometimes feel the need to unburden themselves before they go. Perhaps they do it so they can leave the world with a “clear conscience” or maybe they do it to benefit the people they will leave behind. Some of these deathbed murder confessions are harrowing in the extreme. Australia's most notorious killer makes four more murder confessions from his deathbed, Terminally ill Londoner confesses to strangling a man and burying him under concrete, Pillar of the community makes deathbed confession to murder so he could “cleanse his soul” then he doesn't die, Hollywood actress confesses to killing a movie director but the crime remains “unsolved” and many more. Read my feature story: "SHOCKING DEATHBED MURDER CONFESSIONS" published in CrimeMagazine.com here.